About Us

Let us formally introduce ourselves. We are Jake and Keesha Marie and we have the privilege of doing life together where everyday is an epic adventure of experience and growth.

We are wild learners, also known as unschoolers. Wild Learning is an informal way of learning that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning.

We believe that the most important lessons any of us learn are learned from life itself. For unschoolers, life is the teacher and the world is the classroom.

Second Generation

Wild Learning is not something new for Keesh and I. In fact, we were both raised in an informal homeschooling style, before our parents knew about unschooling. What an amazing opportunity it was to see the world a we did. Some of Keesha’s fondest memories were when her dad would come home from a trip in the middle of the week, declare whatever day it was to be “Saturday”, and suddenly they would pack up and head out at 4 am to fly off somewhere on standby just for the experience. Some of Jake's most sentimental recollections includ sharing a football match with a makeshift ball made of plastic bags, in a field full of watoto out in the middle of the African bush.

Wild Schooling (Unschooling/Homeschooling) not only allowed us to see and experience the world, we were also free to pursue our passions. In our teenage years, we turned those passions into careers, as I became a self-taught filmmaker and graphic designer and Keesha became a self-taught volleyball player and coach. We both began taking college courses in our high school years, went off to universities as juniors, graduated young, married young, and started our family right away.  We have known each other since children, and having also dated young, we knew we were ready to add to our family immediately (but maybe that is another backstory for another time).

All of this to say, we are thankful for our up bringing and want to enjoy this and more with our kids as they grow, but we also want to share this lifestyle with others around the world.  This is a way of life that we believe can be attained by anyone ready to pursue it, and we would love nothing more than to be able to walk that journey with you.

If wild schooling is a lifestyle that interests you and your family, please feel free to share with us any questions you have. We would love to help you in your unschooling journey. Let’s go learn!